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Dot Net Advance

Manav Classes offer ASP .Net training according to the recent prerequisite of IT industry. ASP stands for Active Server Pages. It endow us a dynamic environment to build up Dynamic websites, Web Applications and Web Services. It is chiefly a server-side scripting language designed for the Windows Platform, although it is available on Unix/Linux systems.

ASP is a server-side scripting language. Basically what this means is that if an ASP page is requested, the web server will process it and run all the ASP code, before sending the output to the browser.

Dot Net Core

Manav Classes provide Dot Net training according to the existing obligation of IT industry.DOT NET is a software module that runs on the Windows OS. Dot Net provides tools and libraries that facilitate developers to develop Windows software much more rapidly and easier. Dot Net benefits end-users by providing applications of higher capability, quality and security. The Dot Net Framework must be installed on a user’s PC to run Dot Net applications.